Melissa McNair #1
Universal Fastpitch - Wells

San Rafael high School
Class of 2021
Pitcher/First Base

    N/A                N/A

GPA: 4.0  SAT: N/A  ACT: N/A
 2013 Sun Valley Spelling Bee Champion
San Rafael City Spelling Bee
Marin County Spelling Bee
Top 10
2014 Honor Roll
2015 Honor Roll
2016 Honor Roll
5' / 95 lbs
Throws / Bats:
Left / Left
Mike & Stephanie
    2013 ASA Western Nationals- Medford, OR.
5th place
 2013 PGF Regional Qualifier- Stockton, CA
 PGF Qualified
 2013ASA NorCal Championships
1st Place
 2013ASA  Fresno Force Classic
3rd place
       2014 10U Triple Crown World Series- Reno, NV.
5th Place
 2014 10U Triple Crown World Series Skills Contest
1st Place
 2014 ASA 10U NorCal Championships
1st Place
 2015 12U ASA Nationals- Sacramento, CA.
33rd place
 2015 12U ASA NorCal Championships
2nd Place
 2016 12U PGF Championships-Huntington Beach, CA.
33rd Place
 2016 12U Triple Crown World Series- San Diego, CA.
3rd place 
Stats W5/L0, 25INN, 2ER, 0.56ERA, 3 shutouts
 2016 12U USSSA Select Elite NorCal’s Finest, Stockton, CA.
2nd Place 
Stats W4/L0, 3 shutouts
 2016 12U PGF Qualifier- Sacramento, CA.
PGF Qualified
Personal Statement
 Eighty-eight red stitches spin off my finger tips almost every day. The choreography of how the yellow ball dances is under my control. The axis, tilt, and speed of rotation, allows the dance to come alive. To the North, East, South or West, which way will it break, is every hitters guess. To add to the mix I vary the angle and hit a location. The love the art of keeping batters off  balance. I am Melissa McNair and I have a passion to pitch at the highest level.